Allium mix?

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An allium mix as a gift? This was not yet part of our offering.

In garden design courses you learn about the coordination of colors and flowering periods in your garden, about sight lines and borders that increase in height. But at trade fairs we are often asked: can I have a mix of these ornamental onions in a gift bag? The explanation about the difference between the bulbs - in color, flowering height and flowering time is usually answered with 'oh well, I'll just be surprised'.

This of course is also an option. Sometimes we overcontrol in our beautification. Not all of us want to be a garden architect, or have a garden that looks straight out of a textbook. So let yourself be surprised, we like to do that too. So as from today we have included the allium mix in our online shop.

And if you do want to design, or just move the blooming... you can always dig up the flower bulbs after flowering (July), store them dry, and plant them again in the fall (October-December). For this reason it might be useful to be able to distinguish the bulbs. Therefore, see cover picture and description of the bulbs below:

- Allium schubertii – large hard flower bulbs, slightly pointed, with a rough multi-colored thick skin (white over yellow) and many short roots.

- Allium Purple Sensation: garlic-like offwhite bulbs with some bulges and short roots.


- Allium chistrophii – Round, smooth, and slightly yellowish, with a yellow bulb under the skin, sometimes with a stem attached.


- Allium karataviense – Round very smooth bulbs, almost shiny white. The skin that comes off is very light.

This way the bulbs can continue to bloom year after year - deliberately moved or simply left in the ground.


Above all, enjoy your garden!


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