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How do you plant millions of flower bulbs? And what do you do when it rains?

In the autumn our (smaller) flower bulbs are replanted for yet another growing season.

How do you plant millions of flower bulbs? Here's how it works: (1) level the soil, (2) prepare the flower beds, (3) select the planting material, (4) plant the bulbs, (5) repair the headlands, and (6) cover the flower beds with straw for protection. So... a minimum of six steps for sustainable growth. But these steps can only be executed when the weather cooperates. 

Do you plant your flower bulbs in the rain? We neither. Not afraid of a little water, it's just that the land cannot be cultivated when it's wet. Luckily bulb growers also get creative indoors. During the coffee break, our creative director personally prepares the allium schubertii bulbs for Halloween.

But ultimately they will be planted, scary or not :-\


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