Planting with children

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Share your love for nature with your (grand)children. And plant special flower bulbs with them in September, October and November. Together you see the plants emerge and flowers unfold in all colours in spring and summer.

Allow them to help you choose from the photo gallery of all the botanical (natural) flower bulbs, and see what attracts them. You can tell them about the process from seed to bulbs. See also You might explain why you 'bury' the bulbs at a certain depth (3x bulb size) and width (flower width). And answer their questions on storage, planting and flowering.

If you plant with children, it takes so many days for the plants to emerge that they will probably have long forgotten about the start of this 'project'. Surprise!

And if they haven't forgotten.. a deferred reward seems to be good for the development of children. You help them grow!


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