Project Rewilding

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Rewilding (at least) 1 square meter of your garden... what a great idea!

In February 2022 NRC and Tilburg University started a research project. What would happen to gardens if left untouched for one year? Partly for scientific purposes, and partly with a 'nudging' purpose, the researchers wish to build awareness at participants of their surroundings, to inspire and to enthuse about nature. We too often just easily hide nature behind asphalt, stones and other maintenance-free options.

Over 8,000 people currently participate in the project, for four seasons long. Should a garden be neat and tidy? How does the food supply for animals develop, are new species emerging, what happens to the soil? And do you view your garden differently after the project?

As growers of botanical bulbs, we love the project. And we are curious about the research results, as to the plants- as well as to the human aspects. A little less tidy, a little rewilding, that should work well for all plants and people involved.


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