Remember last year?

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If nothing much happens, time is not on our side. What memories did we make last year? Without a great trip abroad, a change of jobs or a new love a year passes by without being noticed. Well, 2020 will not be easily forgotten but most diaries were a lot emptier than before.

Until last year my garden was a nice green view from the living. No more and no less. Some friends said I should weed regularly, and do something about the big hole that was left by a fallen tree. Or I received a nice outdoor plant that became part of the decor. I was busy, and I prefer social stuff over garden maintenance.

This year is different. By end autumn I planted a lot of bulbs, for photography and some shop left overs. And suddenly yellow winter aconitees emerged from below the snow, then purple anemones, white scilla and several muscari. Already the first sprouts show from the ornamental onions. Every day something new, spring, life! Seasons are back :-)

And the great thing is: hoeing is not allowed, they are there to naturalize. Love it! 


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