Season start, now with bulbs pictures

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It is almost August 1st, time to re-open the shop!

The hot and dry weeks accelerated the harvesting of the flower bulbs. Well, with some extra sweat drops from the workers performing the magic! The flower bulbs are now being prepared for shipment: the rinsing, drying, sorting, quality control and (automatic!) counting for the orders. Millions of flower bulbs are being processed and it is peak times to deliver on time to exporters, traders, wholesalers and garden centers. After the summer holidays, the displays and markets internationally will be set up again for the autumn: the planting season for the spring bloomers.

Warmed up and ready to start! In the coming weeks we will add pictures of the flower bulbs with each product to the current flowering product. This way you will recognise the variety that you buy.

We also deliver custom made products, for events on sustainability, on teamwork, and any other parties. Always with nice and clear storing and planting instructions for each present or give away. When you choose rewilding products, you are making memories for years.
Any questions or specific needs, please feel free to contact me via 

For now, happy summer holidays! Best regards, Mirjam


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