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Alliums like to party!

We started selling allium bulbs (also called ornamental onions) on Blomstring at the start of August and we were knocked back by their popularity. It's been an allium party! Especially the allium Purple Sensation (with by far the longest stem) and the allium schubertii (with the largest flower).

About the latter...why? It turns out to be a whole-year conversation piece:

  • The unfolding of the flower to a 40-60 cm diameter, in April and May is spectaculair. Gaping passers-by..
  • In June and July the schubertii is in full bloom and claims its full space in the garden or in a pot. The name 'fireworks onion' is easily understood by then 
  • In a bouquet, somewhere in July, it is a spectacular element. Alone or as a threesome in a vase it outshines other flowers. See blog picture.
  • From Augustus to October it may continue as a dried flower. Standing, lying or hanging. See blog picture, still there..
  • And we have heard rumours about silver or gold plating for Christmas. This must be somewhere in November for creative minds

So.. from garden to vase to dried to Christmas. We also came across this allium in store fronts and in life style magazines. And in a kids movie, to hide behind. This really is a multi functional biggie.

And still, so much else to discover! Think about the winter to come and then the first colours in the garden pronouncing spring. Think of hyacinths, muscari, fritillaria... Also to be planted in autumn. Well, next blog... 


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