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 Speaking of product photography..


We do need a new picture to show in the webshop and on a product card. In this case of the mix of alliums. So we designed a border with the allium mix, planted the border in november, and started shooting in May.


We were aware of some challenges. The 4 alliums:

- do not bloom at the same time

- vary too much in height for a good composition

- the colours do not match (although in nature all colours match)

- and the leaves vary in beauty


In short, the biggest, the highest, the lowest and the metallic - it doesn't become a whole. Not even from above. Just take a look.


We'll shoot some more. And before the photography deadines for this season are over, an improved picture will show in this blog. And with it also a totally different text :-)


By the way, the picture of the whole border, shot as a banner, is a real beauty!


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