We've had lots of rain...

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Will the flower bulbs planted in the autumn still bloom this spring, after months of rain? And how to deal with so much rain? 

These are questions that both gardeners and flower bulb growers are discussing this year.

Tulips, crocuses, daffodils and other early bloomers are planted as bulbs in October, November and December. In these months the rain never stopped falling. And when it rains you can't plant: the land is like mud, the bulbs don't like wet feet, and the straw that is covered for protection starts to mold.

What's the trick? The grower first and foremost takes care of the land. The soil must drain the water through sand layers and drainage pipes. Then, water management will allow the water filtered through sand to flow back into the ditches. And last, we have the weather forecasts to live up to - taking every opportunity of a few dry days to plant a patch.

The garden hobbyist or -professional might align to this strategy: keep the garden green for water to drain, for bulbs in pots provide for drainage via sand mixing and holes, and do enjoy a rare dry day for working in the garden.

And as you can see in the picture with the iris reticulata mix - life finds its way!

PS Last week we went to Morocco. It hasn't rained locally for four years. We may find rain a problem, but this pales in comparison to a water shortage.


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