Why grow flowerbulbs from seed?

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Many growers buy flowerbulbs, rhizomes, cuttings or young plants to sell the same year. Additional land is rented if needed, and flex workers hired. This allows them to sell fast, quickly change their range, and keep aligning with market demand.


We prefer to combine tradition with modern techniques *).

Growing flower bulbs from virus-free seed to the flower bulb that is sold after 4 years. Using  sustainable cultivation techniques, without insecticides and with as little weed control as possible. With bees that roam the fields for a few weeks every year. Grandpa's daily tour of the fields and the quality checks during the growth, during sorting and before shipping complete the quality controls set up. Thus building a reputation for quality products over generations, each cycle starting with seed.


And, let's face it, with this beautiful photo taken by Jadranka Njegovan, aren't seeds great?


*) See also our promise: https://www.blomstring.nl/en/content/10-our-promise


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