We care about quality

Making special flowers bloom, is what makes our customers happy. Therefore the quality of our flower bulbs is our top priority. We grow them from seed, so they are healthy and free of viruses and other nasties.  We grow them sustainably: without depleting the soil, without insecticides, and with as little weed control as possible. Finally, to ensure we're on track, quality checks take place during grading, when selecting the bulbs for storage, and before shipping. 

We deliver direct from the nursery. Dutch quality, grown with passion and perfectionism. Always fresh, so we deliver between the beginning of Augustus and the end of December.  And, to ensure nothing stands in the way of flowering, you will find a data sheet with each product about storing, planting and blooming for every variety that we offer.

We care about gifts

We love bulbs and seas of flowers. And we love presents. So you will receive our bulbs in a lovely gift bag.  We ensure bulbs a-plenty for a great unpacking experience and our high quality bulbs maximise flowering. We provide an á la carte choice of species and pre-selected combinations for the perfect gift.

We care for the long term

Blomstring means blooming. We pride ourselves in offering top quality bulbous plants to our customers, in beautiful gift bags. We will always do our utmost to help you create a beautiful blanket of flowers. And, as our varieties are all suitable for naturalising, they will be enjoyed for years.

This is our promise to you.